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Tunbridge Wells Personal Brand Photography

Luxury Brand Photography Package Offer For May 2024

This has now taken place, please click below to email to go on the waiting list for the next Brand Photography Day

Personal branding shoot days Kent

Are you a small business owner who would love to look great, feel pampered and be in beautiful surroundings for your Brand Photography Shoot?


I'm so excited to launch a collaboration between Nadia Lavelle Photography and Lauren Garfitt Make Up & Hair. 


 ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ Our Luxury Brand Photography Day  ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️  is to be held at the beautiful Castle Farm, Shoreham, near Sevenoaks, Kent. The sessions take place Tuesday 7th May 2024.


If you’re a small business owner, sole trader who is the face of your business, or entrepreneur looking to update your personal branding imagery in beautiful surroundings, with a lovely female-led team, get in touch to book in a luxury session with us. We promise you’ll feel pampered, relaxed and guided throughout the whole session. 


The package includes:


Pre-shoot consultation with your team to discuss your brand, key messages and target audience, outfits, styling, locations and so much more.


A pampered, relaxed shoot day: 

- A luxurious 1 hour hair and make up session.

- A relaxed and enjoyable shoot across multiple locations indoor and outdoor. Locations available from the renovated barn, to the stunning kitchen and boot room area, to the plethora of beautiful outdoor environments.


Pastries / lunch and refreshments.


Choose your fully edited / retouched beautiful branding images from a shortlist of 30 in your post-shoot consultation.


Package prices are detailed below.


We are running this on one day only and so spaces are very limited. If you would like to reserve a slot, or find out more, please get in touch ⭐️ 


Luxury Brand Photography Day

Package 1

1 hour hair and make up

1 hour shoot time

10 images of your choosing

Package price: Was £495 / Now £445 with 10% discount when you quote WEB10


Luxury Brand Photography Day

Package 2

1 hour hair and make up

30 mins shoot time

5 images of your choosing

Package price: Was £360 / Now £325 with 10% discount when you quote WEB10

All Other 
Brand Photography Packages

Brand Photography Package Pricing 

Option 1: £375

1.5 hour shoot & 10 high resolution digital files. Allows for 2-3 set ups in one location and 2 outfit changes

Option 2: £575

1.5 hour shoot & 20 high resolution digital images. Allows for 2-3 set ups in one location and 2 outfit changes

Option 3: £775

3 hour shoot, allowing for 2 locations & all high resolution digital images (minimum 30). Allows for 6 set ups across 2 locations and multiple outfit changes

Tunbridge Wells Brand Photographer
Tunbridge Wells Brand Photographer
Personal branding examples
Personal branding Tunbridge Wells

How to prepare for your 
personal branding photography shoot

Your personal branding photography shoot is the chance for you to show who you are, what your brand stands for and communicate your personality.


Crucial questions to ask yourself to determine whether you’re ready for a personal branding shoot first are:

  1. Who is my core target audience?

  2. What are my brand’s key attributes?

  3. What messaging do I want to communicate with my audience

…and ensure that your photographer discusses all of this before your branding shoot, alongside your brand colours and the environments in which the imagery will be used: website, social media, printed materials etc.

A good photographer will talk to you about outfits and location and offer some tips in preparation for your shoot. A GREAT photographer will discuss how your 3 key pieces of information outlined above impact on choices of outfit, location, styling, backdrop colours, editing style and posing to ensure you communicate exactly what you need to communicate in your branding imagery.



  • What formats do I need my personal branding imagery to be in - e.g different for Instagram Vs LinkedIn Vs printed material Vs website?

  • Can my photographer talk to me about how to communicate my key messaging to my core target audience and have they discussed the different formats that I need across a range of environments the imagery will appear in?



  • Think about which clothes will best communicate your key messaging

  • Consider plain colours that contrast well with the background discussed

  • Consider clothing that communicates your key messaging; e.g professional; approachable; quirky; expert, fun, serious etc

  • Choose colours that complement your hair colour

  • Tops with small pattern work well, when it contrasts with a plain background colour 

  • Well ironed clothing is a must

  • Formal shirts and tailored dresses / jackets work well if appropriate to your line of work

  • Think about jewellery that complements

  • Choose well fitting, not baggy clothes 



  • Tops with spaghetti straps

  • T-shirts with big logos / sports wear (unless you’re a PT)

  • Neon or extremely bright clothes

  • Clothes you aren’t comfortable wearing 



  • Consider hiring a hair and make up artist to gain the most from your session and I have a number of stylists I can recommend 

  • If not, then style your hair in your usual style, taming flyaway and if you wear make up, consider wearing a little more make up than usual 



  • Sleep!

  • Good hydration 

Personal Branding, Brand Photography or Headshot Shoot?

Refreshing your Headshot is great for a new profile picture, LinkedIn and for your social media profile. Often people have an out of date Headshot from a wedding they attended 10 years ago! When they update their profile picture with a new image they find they get so many comments from their contacts, they wish they did it years ago!


A Personal Branding or Brand Photography shoot is great where you need a number of images to communicate your personality, your style, perhaps your working environment and give potential clients an insight into what it would be like working with you. The additional time the session allows for ensures you come away with a variety of images, poses and ultimately messaging and can allow for 2 locations if required.

Headshot Photography Package

  • 45 minute session in studio or on location

  • Option for a plain or location based background

  • 3 images supplied as digital files in 3 formats: jpeg, tiff and png

  • Package cost: £225

Personal Branding / Brand Photography Package Option 1:

  • 1.5 hour session in your home, your place of work, or on location 

  • Time allows for c.2-3 set ups in 1 location and 2 outfit changes

  • 10 images supplied as digital files in 3 formats: jpeg, tiff and png

  • Package cost: £375

Personal Branding / Brand Photography Package Option 2:

  • 1.5 hour session in your home, your place of work, or on location

  • Time allows for c.2-3 set ups in 1 location and 2 outfit changes 

  • 20 images supplied as digital files in 3 formats: jpeg, tiff and png

  • Package cost: £575

Personal Branding / Brand Photography Package Option 3:

  • 3 hour session in your home, your place of work, on location or a combination of these

  • Additional time allows for c.6 set ups in 2 locations, multiple outfit changes

  • All images (minimum of 30) supplied as digital files in 3 formats: jpeg, tiff and png

  • Package cost: £775

Why Work With Me?


In my previous career, I worked for 17 years for Media and Communications Agencies, helping big brands like Kellogg’s, British Heart Foundation, Transport for London, BBC, and many more to determine who their core target audience is and how best to speak to them.


I now use this expertise as a point of difference in my marketplace to offer my Personal Branding clients and Business Branding clients advice about staying focused once they have identified their core target audience, on the importance of establishing a clear brand strategy, and standing out by having a clear brand identity.

This has evolved into a pre-shoot video consultation with my clients, which I have about 1 to 2 weeks before the shoot typically, in which we will talk about brand identity, core brand attributes, branding colours, their website, shooting styles, backdrop colours, locations, styling, posing and so much more. I work with a number of local hair & make up artists and can build this service into your Personal Branding package if you would like.


All of this means that my clients come away post shoot, with a set of Personal Branding imagery in a number of different formats, that they can use across all of their channels: website, social media, printed materials etc and that clearly communicates the key brand attributes that they need to ensure their core audience receives.


My Personal Branding style is ultimately to understand your business, your target audience and work with you to ensure your imagery represents you and the core messaging that you need to communicate to your target audience.

Client Experience and Testimonials


A key focus for me is client experience and I’m so pleased to say that a positive experience is something that comes up time and time again in my client reviews. Here are some examples:


“Nadia has helped me with boosting my personal branding - she was a joy to work with and made the whole process stress-free. Notably, Nadia is incredibly approachable, highly professional and has a fantastic ability to put you at ease and make the photo session what it should be, fun!” Daniel Stander September 2023 (some of his imagery is included below).

“Great experience thanks to Nadia. She was so helpful with a pre-shoot call to help clarify my Personal Branding goals and gave suggestions on clothing colours that would work for different backgrounds. In the photoshoot she gave really clear direction for a variety of poses, and aligned these poses with the message I wanted to convey for my work - which was great as I am not natural in front of a camera! I had the option for a variety of backgrounds, including outside. It was a seamless process from start to finish, and Nadia’s warm nature made it a pleasure - and I’m really pleased with the final photos which Nadia helped me narrow down and also edited out imperfections. Could not recommend more highly and I will definitely use Nadia in the future!” Eleanor June 2023


“So I am not one for enjoying having my photo taken, mainly for the fact that I have a ptosis (dropped eyelid) which really tends to show up in photos! But thank the lord for Nadia who, when I asked for Personal Branding images for my music business, rose to the challenge and pulled it out of the bag in less than 1.5 hours. We had a great laugh, I sat in my fave chair in my own home and couldn't have asked for a more positive experience.” Ali Edwards, Funky Monkey Keyboard Classes October 2022


For more examples of my work, please click on the Headshots and Personal Branding Gallery tab 

Personal brand photography Kent

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