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How to Prepare for your Headshot Photoshoot

In Preparing for your Headshot Photoshoot, here a few helpful things to think about.

First of all, ensure you have found a photographer who talks to you about these things, as they're so impactful to ensure you get the most out of your session and come away with a suite of imagery you can use across multiple platforms.

I always focus on the individual throughout their Headshot Shoot to ensure they have a great experience, so try to make sure the photographer you choose is somebody you have a good rapport with.

Your photographer should offer a pre-shoot consultation to discuss what you need to communicate in your headshot imagery, what line of work you're in and therefore which backdrop to use, clothing to consider and some of these pointers below.

The time you get for the shoot itself is important too. I always offer a 45 minute shoot, which allows for 2 different backdrops and usually 3 outfit changes so that my client comes away with a variety of headshot imagery that doesn't all necessary look like it comes from the same shoot.


  • Consider plain colours that contrast well with the background discussed

  • Ensure clothing communicates your key messaging; professional; approachable; quirky; expert etc

  • Choose colours that complement your hair colour

  • Tops with small pattern work well, but consider your background

  • Formal shirts, silk / satin shirts and tailored dresses / jackets work well

  • Think about jewellery that complements

  • Choose well fitting, not baggy / tight clothes and wear clothes you like to wear

  • Most importantly, well ironed clothing is a must


  • Tops with spaghetti straps

  • T-shirts with big logos / sports wear

  • Neon or extremely bright clothes

  • Clothes you aren’t comfortable wearing


  • Style your hair in your usual style, taming flyaways

  • Consider wearing a little more make up than usual but try not to over-cover blemishes

  • Avoid plucking eyebrows the day before to minimise redness


  • Sleep! and good hydration

My client here wanted to communicate professionalism, approachability and be able to use the imagery for LinkedIn and her company website. We made sure we had some fun during the shoot as well, which resulted in natural smiles and a comfortable client.

Tunbridge Wells Headshot Photographer

Tunbridge Wells Headshot Photographer

Tunbridge Wells Headshot Photographer

Tunbridge Wells Headshot Photographer

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