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Why should I get
brand photography

for my small business?

Visibility is key and first impressions are everything when people visit your website. As small business owners we know how easy it is for for a potential client to move on if they don't feel our website communicates a clear message that you're the business they're looking for, offering the service they need.

Brand photography works hard to communicate the key messages that you need to communicate about your brand:

1. The basics: professional, trustworthy, approachable, efficient and more.

2. The unique personality of your brand: e.g. authoritative, friendly, stylish, traditional, market leading.

If you visit a brand's website and they don't have professional brand photography it sends a clear message: hobby, new start up, low sales, no investment -  you want to deliver something more.

Brand photography coherently delivers your core brand message in a way that says you have invested in your brand. It is a crucial element of the experience your potential client has on visiting your website, to ensure they leave it knowing 

they want to invest in you too.


What does a
brand photography shoot
look like?

Taking the brief: In our pre-shoot consultation we'll discuss your brand's personality, target audience and key messaging. Based on this key information, we'll determine together the style, location, backdrops, outfits, posing and key shots for our shoot.


Shoot day: On the shoot day we'll work together to ensure every look is in keeping with your brand's identity and core messaging. I take a relaxed approach to our shoots, no rushing, no pressure. I know the most important thing on the day is to make sure you feel comfortable and confident or we won't get those natural smiles. My brand photography shoots are typically 1.5 hours but the length will be determined in our pre-shoot consultation.


Multiple looks: Your shoot can involve multiple set ups within the one location, or multiple locations as agreed within our pre-shoot consultation. This allows for a number of outfit changes to ensure you come away with a variety of imagery to use for your website, social media, printed materials and anything else you need. I always use a balance of landscape and portrait formats and can resize imagery to meet the needs of a plethora of environments that will host your imagery.

Image review: Post edit, we'll come together again to review your brand images and discuss how each will be used. I can then resize them as appropriate before supplying them to you digitally or on a USB stick as required.

Brand Photography Pricing

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Get in touch so that we can discuss how I can help you and your brand

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